Winter 16/17

Saga was born in the mountains, with good friends in pursuit of good times. We design our product knowing that nothing ruins a good time faster than gear that doesn't perform when needed. For amateur thrill seekers and professional athletes alike, without function, there can be no fun. Our brand has evolved from that simple fact - the better our gear performs, the more time we have for fun.

The Ingredients

Each part of our development process is handled by the same team - from initial concepts, fabric development and sourcing, product construction, trims and finishes, to on-the-site quality control with our factories. This hands-on-approach at every stage allows for vertically-integrated design process that few companies can match. With over a decade of experience, our products are uniquely ours.

Our Fits


The Saga Signature Fit provides a baggy yet technical look and feel. Substantially added length and balanced with enough width for layering and mobility, providing the ultimate protection from the elements. The roomier fit translates to added warmth and less chance of powder down your back the next time you yardsale.


The Saga Traditional Fit is the closest to the industry 'standard' fit, with a slightly longer cut. In other words, this is the 'truest-to-size' fit. Size up for a more baggy look and feel.


The Saga Tailored Fit provides a longer silhouette and a slimmer width, with a more streetwear inspired form. Sizing up will yield the same overall profile, with a slightly baggier fit.

Premium Series

The Premium Series is designed to function in even the most demanding conditions. Developed using the highest standard of material design and fabrication, these products provide the best-rated waterproofing and breathability we offer.

Performance Series

The Performance Series balances technical function and warmth, featuring insulated and soft-shell outerwear that can perform in wet and cold conditions.

Riding Series

The Riding Series is designed to blend an off-hill style with technical materials that function properly in riding conditions.

Life Series

Built for life on the road or mountain, these products meet the demands of a lifestyle of street and snow.


Our redesigned Tek-Layers are here to help keep you warm and dry all day long. Whether worn alone or together, it's important to practice safe layering.


Complete the kit. Our accessories have you covered from head to toe.